Monday, February 13, 2012

For the love of sandwiches

At school we've been working in groups making short animation films. Ours is a love story between two sandwiches that come to life at a breakfast table. After months it's finally coming together, a whole two minutes, more or less. Now it's just last minute re-rendering some bits and sound mastering and somehow forever delaying it. It's a first for everyone, which is not actually unbelievable but I've grown quite fond of our story and characters, they are sweet and simple. I've been mainly responsible for a chubby character that makes and eats the breads, all unaware of the drama that's going on on his plate. It's been exhausting at times, especially the skinning process that could well continue indefinitely for me if it weren't for deadline. I can't believe I made a fully functional rig for the legs even though the cameras just show him from the waist up, sitting behind the table mostly. The setbacks have made me so much more careful! I'm so glad though to have it over and done with soon. Time to move on.

Here's a little making-of from my part. (Geometry exploding at 00:28, there's a winning moment there..)

Music: Lackluster - Ll12 Strateface Kcl0 (07 10 99)


  1. Tosi hieno making offi! Lisää plussaa Lacklusterista! :)

    Millo/missä saada nähä lopputulos?

  2. Niiin hieno raita tuo Lacklusterin!
    Argh, en tiiä, vähän sellaista huhua että demopäivänä olisi meidän suotavaa ts. pakko näyttää :o säätöö säätöö pitäs vielä, kattoony